Wednesday, July 13, 2011


my family {mom, brother, brother & brother} have been in town for the past week and a half.

so far we:

1. "celebrated" the fourth of july with a parade, shopping, and eating at olive garden. no fireworks, no apple pie, no barbecue. our family doesn't really know how to celebrate this holiday...but we have fun anyways. at dinner the waitress was almost insisting that i have a glass of wine {how old do i look?} and then we overheard a man in suspenders say "well, it's uhmerika's birthday so i'll have some apple pie." yes.

2. went to the provo rec pool. contemplated why people wear skimpy swimsuits and go tanning. {you really just sit there for hours? doing nothing???} still can't figure it out.

3. watched more tv than is healthy.

4. tanner hacked my facebook, changed my phone background to a zoomed-in shot of his backside, and i am scared to find out what else.

5. watched Boone play soccer.

6. went to wal-mart and counted obese people. {mom's idea. she got to 11 but forgot to keep counting. and we were there for around 15 minutes.}

7. went to yogurtland. not as magical as i expected.

8. went glow-in-the-dark mini golfing. watched tanner and wyatt take on the batting cages.

and now...funny pictures!

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