Sunday, June 5, 2011

week 5

only 11 days left! I sure don't want to leave this place...
this week we:

said goodbye to my long blonde hair {!!!}
before: long blonde braids
obviously this is a quality photo.

loong tangled locks. kinda getting out of control...
and now...
{drumroll, please...}
short and a little bit darker! 
trying to get back to my natural color, but i think i missed it a little. that's okay though, it will fade. I was going for a cut like this:
this hair change did not make me french or transport me to the 60's. unfortunately.

anyways, i know you care sooooo much about what my hair looks like so now we're going to talk about real stuff!

I had two papers and two projects all due this week. I think everything went pretty well. For my culture class, we made a telenovela that highlighted the social relationships during the Porfiriato. Our teacher was laughing so hard he started crying. And then we discussed the caste system and it's implications today. As for our other project, we made a powerpoint and prepared a presentation about the Mercosur. We got to class the first day, and our teacher had some other things he wanted to talk about so only about half of the groups presented. The next class all the other groups presented, and he said we would present the next class. The next class we watched a movie and didn't present. I don't think we're going to. And that is Mexico for you.

We finally went and visited the historical chapel in Itzimna. We used to wait at the bus stop there a lot, so we took a second and explored.
cool colonial architecture. 
There are posters everywhere for this chihuahua that got lost in the area named Xmat (Shmat). I cannot get over how funny that name is. Also we may or may not have gone out for hamburgers after this. I will not provide photos since it is unsure.

We went to a baseball game for the local Yucatan team. A fight almost broke out when a pitch hit the batter in the arm. The local team lost and when we mentioned it to anyone here, they were like yeah, could have told you that. haha.

Here we are with the lovely Leones mascot.

Friday we went to Ek Balam and saw more ruins. I have nothing to say about it because I have already talked about ruins like 100 times. But they are cool. 

Then we went to Valladolid! We visited the cathedral, swam in a cenote, and walked around the town.

What am I going to do without cenotes?!

That night was karaoke night! Our mamá was nice enough to let us have a party at her house. It was so much fun. Before the party me, Catie and Lili sang some songs in spanish. When the party started it was a lot of salsa and Fergalicious. Don't judge.

Saturday we went to a place where hammocks are made. They are tied by hand and it takes about a week to make a hammock...I don't think I could ever have that much patience. The room/wearhouse they make them in was filled with hundreds and hundreds of hammocks. To tie them tightly, this guy wound the strings around his cool.

Then we went to Valladolid. The whole town is cute and clean and painted the best shade of yellow. I love yellow and I was in heaven. 

And that sums up this week! I am off to go listen to some good music because I have had too much party music shoved into my ears this trip. I can feel my brain cells shriveling up. Not to be pretentious or anything...

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