Saturday, June 18, 2011

provo the weird

LOOK! the blog has been re-vamped! do you like it? you should tell me you like it. even if you don't.
sooo i am back in provo. i forgot how weird provo is. within the last 72 hours, i have seen a bicycle gang, got checked out by a scary-looking dude outside a tattoo parlour, and been greeted {in a british accent (?)} by a guy carrying an orange juice jug and whistling a forest-tune. so basically it's been great fun. i am writing from my new apartment...and i have an asian roommate! dream come true. and both of my roommates seem really nice. my room-roommate gave me cinnamon rolls this morning. soo nice.
but anyways, here's what i did today, brought to you by cute iphone photos.

read a book. 

ran up and down the spiral staircase a billion times. hopefully that stays fun forever and never gets annoying.

put a new star on my map. as you can see, the Americas aren't doing so well, but Europe and Asia look good.

hung up my velvet elvis.

made a paper heart chain.

and here's my new room!
because i know you care so much. i can sense it all the way through the internet. weird, huh?
i also played angry birds, watched the office, and ate indian food, but those things aren't nearly as fun to photograph.

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