Wednesday, June 15, 2011

leeeeaving on a jet planeeee

what i won't miss:
garbage on the streets
tomas being smelly
going to school and receiving 0 feedback on all of my work. for the whole semester. no joke.
hanging out with the same 30 people. {no offense, i really love all you people but it's kinda like you, again? and again? and everyday for the next month and a half?}
wearing the 6 outfits i brought with me over and over and over and over and over
being told when to eat, what to eat, stand here, sit here, here's your laundry
100 degree weather
being called "trasera" {this means butt}

what i will miss:
mexican family
roommates and friends
speaking spanish
mexican friends
bubu lubu's
progreso beach
pool in my backyard
learning lots and lot of new things
not having to cook or clean or do laundry
jamaica {the drink, not the country. . .i've never even been there}
getting away with things because i am white
basically all the food

also i learned that some cars here have a cat-call horn. learned it the hard way. several times. told you i was learning valuable stuffs here!

looking forward to loooft apartment and seein my frens!

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  1. Tracee! Although I never saw the old version, I like this new revamped version...mucho! I loved the "what I won't miss list" (esp. being called trasera, made me laugh). I as well miss jamaica, frijol, all the food...
    All in all....Nice blog!