Wednesday, June 29, 2011


why is it okay to have breakfast for dinner but not dinner for breakfast?
today i rebelled against this by having breakfast for lunch. {also known as having two breakfasts...or second breakfast?}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it's summertime

so i think i am super antsy thanks to mexico. only working 7-11 gives me weird life hours, and lot of free time during the day. since i can't just go to el centro all the time. . . here's what i do.
quality time with my record player.


this was $3. i didn't get it.

i made cupcakes for my friend allie's birthday...i still have around 10 little cupcakes sitting on my kitchen counter but no more frosting. oops.

i turned my guitar into a 5-string. totally on purpose.

someone please hire me. i am a good worker i swear.

bright eyes-shell games

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unleashing the Dormant Spirit

"When you cannot love someone, look into that person's eyes long enough to find the hidden rudiments of the child of God in him.
Never judge anyone. When you accept this, you will be freed...
If someone hurts you so much that your feelings seem to choke you, forgive and you will be free again."

-BYU Devotional, Elder F. Enzio Busche

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Lisa Mitchell-Neapolitan Dreams

The Drums-Forever and Ever Amen

Little Scream-Cannons

Bon Iver-Calgary

Tapes n Tapes-Freak Out

Fleet Foxes-Grown Ocean

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

post 5-9pm nap

it took me an hour to open this bottle. an hour!!!!
an hour!
an hour!!
an hour!!!
an hour!!!!

also, who decided that this would be the summer of me having to always be places at 7 am? i would like to have a word with that person. i am probably too tired to make a good argument though. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

provo the weird

LOOK! the blog has been re-vamped! do you like it? you should tell me you like it. even if you don't.
sooo i am back in provo. i forgot how weird provo is. within the last 72 hours, i have seen a bicycle gang, got checked out by a scary-looking dude outside a tattoo parlour, and been greeted {in a british accent (?)} by a guy carrying an orange juice jug and whistling a forest-tune. so basically it's been great fun. i am writing from my new apartment...and i have an asian roommate! dream come true. and both of my roommates seem really nice. my room-roommate gave me cinnamon rolls this morning. soo nice.
but anyways, here's what i did today, brought to you by cute iphone photos.

read a book. 

ran up and down the spiral staircase a billion times. hopefully that stays fun forever and never gets annoying.

put a new star on my map. as you can see, the Americas aren't doing so well, but Europe and Asia look good.

hung up my velvet elvis.

made a paper heart chain.

and here's my new room!
because i know you care so much. i can sense it all the way through the internet. weird, huh?
i also played angry birds, watched the office, and ate indian food, but those things aren't nearly as fun to photograph.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

leeeeaving on a jet planeeee

what i won't miss:
garbage on the streets
tomas being smelly
going to school and receiving 0 feedback on all of my work. for the whole semester. no joke.
hanging out with the same 30 people. {no offense, i really love all you people but it's kinda like you, again? and again? and everyday for the next month and a half?}
wearing the 6 outfits i brought with me over and over and over and over and over
being told when to eat, what to eat, stand here, sit here, here's your laundry
100 degree weather
being called "trasera" {this means butt}

what i will miss:
mexican family
roommates and friends
speaking spanish
mexican friends
bubu lubu's
progreso beach
pool in my backyard
learning lots and lot of new things
not having to cook or clean or do laundry
jamaica {the drink, not the country. . .i've never even been there}
getting away with things because i am white
basically all the food

also i learned that some cars here have a cat-call horn. learned it the hard way. several times. told you i was learning valuable stuffs here!

looking forward to loooft apartment and seein my frens!

Monday, June 13, 2011

week 6

this week we...
went to the zoo!
we saw toucans, which was one of my goals in Mérida. {I was hoping to see them in the wild, but that's okay. I'm not sure if they even really live in the wild here.} There were also jaguars, tigers, lions, monkeys, etc. All the animals were behind chain-link fences and only about 10 feet away. It was kinda frightening.

we went to the temple and got serenaded on the bus on the way there! This video is sideways and I don't know how to turn it. . .sorry.
We also went to a hacienda. First we walked around the tiny village and hung out with some school kids! They were adorable. We asked them how old they were and they were like, "I'm 18! I'm 90! I'm a million!" And we were shooting a soccer ball into a goal and a little girl came up to me and was like "do you want to try" and i said yes, so she made them give the ball to me. :) Another girl told me afterwards that they were all staring at me because they had never seen blonde hair before.

We learned that the families that owned the haciendas only went there about 3 times a year. So they have these huge houses in the countryside and don't even live there. Crazy.
We got a tour of the whole hacienda, and saw how things are made from henequen (a plant native to the area that looks like aloe vera but is bigger and more fibrous). It seems like a looong process and there are a lot of machines involved. My favorite part was seeing it go through a machine that literally turned it into green goo. Here's part of the process:
Then we went by horse-drawn train/cart thing again (!) to go see a mayan man and his "house." Basically they had an example of a mayan hut and the mayan man who "lived" there (named Antonio). He showed us how they harvested henequen, and then said a few sentences in perfect spanish...haha. 

The whole hacienda was pretty touristy, it was very funny. After that we got back on the horse cart/train thing, and I got to sit next to the driver and chat with him. He said that tourists came there from all around the world, and that there were a bunch of french tourists that had been coming to the buffet there everyday. I asked him if he or any of the other guides there spoke french, and he said that the guides only spoke spanish, mayan and a little english. I asked him how they communicated, and he said well...they didn't really. Whaaaaat? Anyways, we passed literally thousands of henequen plants on the way to the cenote.

After the cenote, we went and ate lunch at the best buffet everrrrr, and our host moms came. Lili is the best...she started talking to one of our friends, and she was like, wow I love your mustache! And then she grabbed his hands and started singing and dancing about mustaches. She does this stuff all the time. It is the absolute best.

That night we went to an institute dance. It was semi-formal so lili chica let me borrow one of her dresses, and she went with us too! I think she had a lot of fun. So Mexican dances are a lot different than I would have expected. We got there and the lights were all on and everyone was dancing salsa in couples. Thinking about it, it's kinda weird that we turn the lights off at our dances...I danced with one of our friends from church here and it was pretty fun, however, I cannot dance like those women at ALL. It  was pretty funny because none of us knew how to dance to salsa but when they put on "normal dance music" no one else knew how to dance. Also they played this song which is really popular here, but the only words are "Barbara Streisand." I am so amused/confused by this.

Saturday we woke up and were dead tired. We had some really cool plans...but they didn't go through. That's okay though. We went to el centro and there was a Christian festival type thing going on there super randomly! (????) They were "preaching" and saying "Jump for Jesus!!" and people were jumping and clapping, and there was a rock band playing Christian music and these cool dancers with tambourines and ribbons. I really like two out of three of these things (tambourines and ribbons, not christian rock).
Then we hung out in El Centro, and we had elote with chile and queso! I was not expecting it to be good at all but it was delicious. {see here} And we also had marquesitas, which are sort of like crepes but harder. We had nutella and cheese in ours. It was good. And then there were some street dancers randomly...they were pretty good! I was not expecting to see that here. I have a video but blogger wont let me upload it for some reason, so...

Then yesterday we went to church and at night it started raining really hard. It lasted a few hours and our street flooded a little bit. 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

week 5

only 11 days left! I sure don't want to leave this place...
this week we:

said goodbye to my long blonde hair {!!!}
before: long blonde braids
obviously this is a quality photo.

loong tangled locks. kinda getting out of control...
and now...
{drumroll, please...}
short and a little bit darker! 
trying to get back to my natural color, but i think i missed it a little. that's okay though, it will fade. I was going for a cut like this:
this hair change did not make me french or transport me to the 60's. unfortunately.

anyways, i know you care sooooo much about what my hair looks like so now we're going to talk about real stuff!

I had two papers and two projects all due this week. I think everything went pretty well. For my culture class, we made a telenovela that highlighted the social relationships during the Porfiriato. Our teacher was laughing so hard he started crying. And then we discussed the caste system and it's implications today. As for our other project, we made a powerpoint and prepared a presentation about the Mercosur. We got to class the first day, and our teacher had some other things he wanted to talk about so only about half of the groups presented. The next class all the other groups presented, and he said we would present the next class. The next class we watched a movie and didn't present. I don't think we're going to. And that is Mexico for you.

We finally went and visited the historical chapel in Itzimna. We used to wait at the bus stop there a lot, so we took a second and explored.
cool colonial architecture. 
There are posters everywhere for this chihuahua that got lost in the area named Xmat (Shmat). I cannot get over how funny that name is. Also we may or may not have gone out for hamburgers after this. I will not provide photos since it is unsure.

We went to a baseball game for the local Yucatan team. A fight almost broke out when a pitch hit the batter in the arm. The local team lost and when we mentioned it to anyone here, they were like yeah, could have told you that. haha.

Here we are with the lovely Leones mascot.

Friday we went to Ek Balam and saw more ruins. I have nothing to say about it because I have already talked about ruins like 100 times. But they are cool. 

Then we went to Valladolid! We visited the cathedral, swam in a cenote, and walked around the town.

What am I going to do without cenotes?!

That night was karaoke night! Our mamá was nice enough to let us have a party at her house. It was so much fun. Before the party me, Catie and Lili sang some songs in spanish. When the party started it was a lot of salsa and Fergalicious. Don't judge.

Saturday we went to a place where hammocks are made. They are tied by hand and it takes about a week to make a hammock...I don't think I could ever have that much patience. The room/wearhouse they make them in was filled with hundreds and hundreds of hammocks. To tie them tightly, this guy wound the strings around his cool.

Then we went to Valladolid. The whole town is cute and clean and painted the best shade of yellow. I love yellow and I was in heaven. 

And that sums up this week! I am off to go listen to some good music because I have had too much party music shoved into my ears this trip. I can feel my brain cells shriveling up. Not to be pretentious or anything...