Sunday, May 29, 2011

week 4

what happened this week:
1. visited the palacio de gobierno (governor's palace) and looked at murals by Pacheco, that depict the culture clash between the Mayans and Spanish.

2. Went to the mercado. Again. Bought a hat for 60 pesos ($5). I realllly love that place.

3. Met with Alfredo Rodriguez y Pacheco, a senator for the political party PAN. He told us a lot about government corruption, especially among the opposing party, PRI. Also, the governor of Merida uses all the city's money to throw free concerts--Elton John, Shakira and Juanes all performed there for free, meanwhile no money is spent on parks, education, public health, etc. The people are tiiiicked.

4. Went to the beach at progresso and watched the sunset.

5. Went to a "play" that ended up actually being a silent film with titles in English. Ditched the movie to do some gift shopping, and ran into a man playing the saw. He and a little boy that sold flowers played the saw with us for about 30 minutes. I obviously needed to add another instrument to the ones I have attempted to play/play [poorly?]: piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, organ, accordion, recorder, etc. Bascially I aspire to be this man. He just hangs out in hawaiian shirts and plays the saw all day. What a chill life.

6. The Route of the Cenotes: On Saturday we took a long bus ride out to the middle of nowhere. When we got off the bus, we all packed onto these horse-drawn train/cart things. Half the time I thought these men were taking us out into the middle of the desert to shoot us...

view of the cart from the front

However, these strange contraptions actually took us to three beautiful cenotes! All of them were underground and two had really steep ladders leading down to them. Inside the water was incredible shades of blue and green. It was very refreshing--completely clear, cold, and clean. There were holes in the roof where light shone through and tree roots had grown down through the holes. We spent most of our time climbing up rocks and jumping off of them. Definitely an activity I need to do more often. Climbing up stuff and jumping off of it is the best. 

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