Friday, May 27, 2011


i'm trying to do homework but i just keep finding funny things that are funnier than homework! life is so hard!!!
like mindy kaling's new book. Sorry, it just screams my demographic (16-30 year-old girls that think they're funny. and no i didn't make that up. for serious i read it in wsj of all places. it's a real thing dude. also i'm now obsessed with the word dude.) 
also a joke site for girls??? made by zooey + co? duh, pleeease. So far it is so cute that i am "awwww"-ing more than giggling but i refuse to give up yet.
also, zooey blogs. and her blog is so much cooler than mine. i should probably just give up now.

not to be stalkerish or anything, but do you think she pins?

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