Thursday, August 12, 2010

the longest post ever

the longest post ever! 
the longest post ever!
the longest post ever!
1st and by far most important:

arcade fire.
of course it's awesome. so much nostalgia. and they make monotony interesting. genius.
  if i could marry a band, it would be this one.

this is probably my favorite song so far:
listen to this song! listen to the whole album! listen to all their albums! listen to their unreleased songs and demos! shave part of your hair! do whatever you want!

in other news...
dear creatures' new collection!  
and ummm can that guy please be my boyfriend?!
i almost bought those shoes from urban outfitters...

and this dress from orla kiely!
bows and velvet and mustard yellow are a few of my favorite things!
also my dad bought me a velvet elvis!
also i'm eating a popsicle!
also new record for exclamation points!
oh yeah and i just got back from a 2-week vacation. more on that later...


  1. loooove this song!
    and please please please can i have both the deer creatures and orla kiely collections?! i thought i'd only blog about one, so i went for kiely, but i do love deer creatures too (: do you like a brand called family affairs?

  2. rebecca-i know they are both so good! i hadnt heard of family affairs before but i looked it up. i like it alot...its cool how they add an edge to cutesy 60's style.